First-ever standalone Alternating-Current battery


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The battery demands have been significantly increasing. However, the battery capacity is still insufficient, in terms of mobility it provides the range should be longer, and there is also a safety issue.

Although commercialization of the all-solid-state batteries is expected, it still needs years.Also, increasing battery capacity by inventing new materials takes years. Currently, the battery electricity source is only DC (Direct Current); therefore, we need to convert from AC (Alternating Current) to DC every time to charge batteries, and again from DC to AC to power AC motors.

Therefore, we have been wondering how to optimize the two-time conversions.

The general public has begrudgingly accepted that the battery electricity source is always DC since Volta developed a primary battery in 1800.

Although it is true that it makes sense to use DC batteries to produce lower power such as for lights, smartphones, the largest battery usages nowadays are becoming more power intensive. We will develop and license the world’s first-ever standalone AC battery by “Biode”.

Biode has both the characteristics of Anode/Cathode.

Our AC battery is safer, and <30% more compact than the current DC battery. Suitable for EVs, drones, Electric Airplanes, energy storage, the space, among others.


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Company Profile

Name AC Biode Ltd.
Address 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, UK
Establishment 2019
Employee 3
Branch Office UK (London/Cambridge), Japan (Tokyo)
Category GreenTech


Tadashi Kubo

Co-Founder & CEO

MBA, Judge Business School, the University of Cambridge

12-year work experience at Sojitz Corporation on business development and project finance about battery, machinery, infrastructure, renewable energy, mainly in Africa and Latin America. Tadashi worked in Asia, Angola, and Brazil.

Atsushi Mizusawa

Co-Founder & CTO

Ph.D. of Material Structure Science at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan and has been a researcher at Kyoto University

25-year work experience at Daikin, IM&T Research (US), KRI as a researcher on battery, circuit, materials. On basis of his long career and unique experience not only on batteries but also circuits and materials, Dr.

Imen Jarrahi, MSc


MSc, University of Tsukuba

Imen worked for 5 years in North Africa, Europe, and Japan on quality control of machinery, media journalism and HR. She is a native speaker of French, Arabic, and English. Imen has MSc on Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Tsukuba.

Share holders

Name Share Relation
Tadashi Kubo 50 % Co-Founder & CEO
Atsushi Mizusawa 50 % Co-Founder & CTO


Date Round Amount Investors
December, 2018 Angel JPY 3,000,000 Grants from MIT (Boston), Airbus, Licensing Executives Society and MoveHack (India)