Easiest way to manage lung diseases and have more symptom free days


Agartee helps people with lung diseases have more symptom free days by recording when—and how many times—people use inhalers and if there are any major changes in their sleep, activity or the air quality surrounding them.

People and their care providers can communicate much more effectively with each other and implement preventive care by having the right information at the right time.

We provide the following information:

– Show trends about when inhaler has been used and if sleep and activity is normal
– Make the communication between people and care providers seamless
– Remind people to take their medication and remind family members to check that they have
– Alert family and care providers if needed


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Company Profile

Name Agartee Technology inc.
Address #1200 555 W. Hastings St. Vancouver British Columbia Canada V6B 4N6
Telephone +17789959306
URL https://www.agartee.com/
Establishment 2014
Employee 5
Branch Office
Category HealthCare


Behzad Behroozan

Founder and CEO

Biomedical Egineering - Simon Fraser University, Canada

Farzad Panahi


Software Engineering - Simon Fraser University, Canada

Wei Ma

ML specialist and senior software developer

Softwre Engineering - University of Ottawa, Canada

Davis Zhang

Senior hardware developer

Hardware Engineering

Al Piran

Biz Dez

University of British Columbia, Canada

Pooneh Ghasvareh

Senior researcher and Quality Assurance

Chemical Engineering- University of British Columbia, Canada