Joint development society of human and AI

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AI Samurai inc. is a Legal Tech company established under the founder Hajime Shirasaka’s vision of “creating a joint development society of human and AI”.
We develop and sale the world’s first AI patent examination system “IP Samurai®️” that provides Patent Classification, Prior Art Search, Invaliditiy Search and Clearance Search just by typing the contents of the invention (new ideas etc.) in the text box.
“IP Samurai®️” is an innovational system that enables to retrieve and output from the U.S. and Japanese official Patent Gazettes using both English and Japanese.
We will continue to advance client’s AI Strategies by developing a wordwide version covering each countries Patent Gazettes, mainly Europe and Asia.


Hajime Shirasaka


Worked as a researcher of machine learning based information processing at Fuji Film Holdings Corporation for eight years. Established Shirasaka International Patent Office (currently, Shirasaka & Patent Partners) while at the same time serving as president of an U.S. big data analysis company listed on Nasdaq.

Graduated from the National Defense Academy Department of Science and Engineering. Completed a graduate course in Environmental Information Science in Yokohama National University.

Takashi Mikami


Joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to conduct various researches including text mining, car navigation systems, and echo cancelers. Started business to plan, develop, and operate SNS and applications for systems and games. Served as a project leader at Vstone Co., Ltd. to develop software for the communication robot Sota. In 2018, became CTO of AI Samurai Inc. Also, worked as a core team member of the development of IP Samurai and the company’s core service.

Completed the undergraduate and graduate program at Kyoto University (Informatics).

Rieko Harima


Obtained a patent attorney qualification while in school. In the graduate course, conducted research on technological distance-based patent evaluation indicators. After working at a patent company and a corporate patent division, took COO’s role at AI Samurai Inc. in 2016. Now the Partner attorney for patent professional corporation Shirasaka and director of AI Samurai Inc.

Completed the undergraduate and graduate program at Keio Univesity (Administration Engineering Faculty of Science and Technology ).



September, 2015

JPY 1,000,000

Hajime Shirasaka, CEO and Founder


March, 2017

JPY 128,000,000

Mirai Sousei FUND, Mizuho VC, SMBC VC, Sansei VC


October, 2018

JPY 350,000,000

Osaka Unive. VC, CRESCO Ltd., Core Corp., NGB Corp.,etc

AI Samurai Inc.

Company Profile

Otemachi Building 4F, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004 JAPAN
September, 2015
Branch Office: