ArchiTwin – Digital Transformation for Construction Industry


ArchiTwin is a remote construction management tool using the power of Digital Twin combined with robotics and communication technology.
In the construction industry, we will be facing future issues like lack of skilled on-site managers, limited travel abilities, better BCP and disaster recovery and fewer people and higher cost to manage facilities and we would like to challenge to solve these issues with our solution.

A digital twin is a virtual 3D copy of a real space or an object. and it can constantly update each other creating a cycle between real and virtual. With this, remote people can communicate with workers on-site while viewing the real-time updates of current construction situation. They can compare to the original plans, elevations and 3D models to confirm the details of the situation and make instructions by updating the digital twin, which can also be viewed through VR or AR devices.

To achieve this solution we propose different kinds of scanning avatar robots together with a cloud service.
The data captured by these robots are uploaded to a cloud server for people to view. Also, by creating the network of robots using our original IoT sharing platform, you can teleport between robots in different locations in the construction sites and even anywhere in the world, both digitally and in reality and this can be used not only for the construction management but also for further facility management, too.

Proposing to reduce the travel cost, time and facility management costs by up to half for the construction and property managers. We already have some mega construction companies purchasing existing avatar robots from us aiming to do this, but as currently there is no solution to achieve this and we will be trying to solve this with ArchiTwin.

Company Profile

Name ArchiTwin
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C. Christophers

Teleportation as a Service provider

T. Nakayama

Robot design, communication design, 3D capture

R. Seki

Architectural software/hardware marketer

A. Yasuda

VR and photogrametory specialist

T. Ota

Teleportation as a Service provider

Y. Honda

Professor, OIT (Osaka Institure of Tech.)