Deliver drugs into the brain


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Braizon has the technology to deliver drugs into the brain. Brain has the biological barrier not to get any molecules into the brain.

It seems Brain’s security system. This barrier is called Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Due to this barrier, it is very difficult to develop drugs for brain central nerve system disease.

We have the solution.

Our technology use Glucose transporter 1 on BBB which incorporate glucose to the brain and nano-particle decolated by glucose on it surface including a drug inside.
We collaborate with Phramaceutical company to develop new drug for disease of brain central nerve system efficienetly.


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Company Profile

Name Braizon Therapeutics Inc
Address 3-42-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo Japan
Telephone +81-3-5805-3417
Establishment 2015
Capital JPY 381,775,000
Employee 12
Branch Office
Category BrainTechLifeScience


Mariko Tosu



Pharmacy research background in cancer, Dr Tosu has a strong marketing and leadership background in the healthcare industry.

Masato Chiba

Director of R&D


Pharmaceutical career professional with deep expertise in DMPK leading drug development. Dr Chiba brings a particular knowledge of drug metabolism

Philip M.C. Davy

Director of Business Dev


Bioengineering research background with experience leading multiple drug development collaborations. Dr Davy leads client communications facilitated

Takanobu Nishikido

Director of Finance


After finantial professional in the audit firm, CFO in several IT venture companies. Mr.Nishikido leads fund raising and IPO


Date Round Amount Investors
October, 2015 Angel
March, 2016 SeriesA JPY 100,000,000 First Track Initiavive
July, 2018 SeriesB JPY 645,000,000 First Track Initiavive, Utokyo IPC, SMBC VC