Computer vision solution that automates construction monitoring


We are, a computer vision solution that automates construction monitoring to increase productivity, safety and reduce delay. We can detect workers fall down the incident and trigger real-time instant alerts to save a life. We can track the location of different materials in the construction sites to speed up material allocation and anticipate site risk due to obstacles in the critical walk path. We can detect if the worker wears a safety helmet, belt, and jacket to improve the personal safety level. We can track worker’s Identification, facilitate project managers to identify which subcontractors doing their planned works and how long they have been working in the monitoring area in order to secure productivity. We can also define the danger zone and alert workers when they have entered to avoid an accident. Last but not least, we can track the number and type of machinery on-site for better scheduling i.e. specified vehicles and large size machinery. Our solution can connect with any type of online cameras, the user simply selects from multiple visual engines to enjoy real-time alert, collect data and get insights in the dashboard. There is no coding required, anyone can set up in our platform within 5 minutes. It is simple to set up multiple detections with high flexibility with real-time alerts.


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Company Profile

Name Customindz Limited
Establishment 2016
Employee 30
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Category AIConstructionTech


Gary Ng