Food management/storage/cooking system

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Harmonized Communication – Next Generation Wireless System by Integrating Analogue and Digital;
>>One Stop Service – From Design to Production
>>Next Generation Wireless System – Realizing Downsizing, Energy/Cost-saving Products
-Developing and manufacturing wireless system with application of broad range from HF to E band
-Dynamic range designing from some watts to some k-watts
-Whole system optimization from software, FPGA and housing designing
-Providing the best solution based on our abundant knowledge and experience of high frequency wireless technology
>>Developing Software-Defined Radio Eqiupment
>>Innovative High-frequency Induction Heater Development – Now Actual Machine available.


Kazuyuki Totani

Founder, President, and as CEO

Nearly 30 yrs of consistent experience in the field of communication technology including software-defined radio, radiocommunication and so on. Decades of developing such as BiCMOS device, SAW filter, high frequency modules, amplifiers for mobile phone base station, satellite communication, working not only in big ones like Mitsubishi and Sumitomo Electric but also in small one. Fully-awaited to start up his own based on his diligent work in practical company establishment and getting various aids and funds. Powerfully active in communicating persons concerned in the way of pursuing future to make people happy. Energetic in running the company besides his hard work in designing and developing as well.

M.S., Mie Univ.

Direct RF Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

6N-11, Kobe Fashion Mart, 6-9, Koyo-cho Naka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo 658-0032
November, 2013
JPY 12,500,000
Branch Office: