Simple fire extinguisher


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1. We are producing and developing new liquid type fire extinguishing composition, which has many advantages comparing with existing powder type fire extinguisher.

2. Our products are 1)Throwing Type Fire Extinguishing Apparatus, 2)Liquid Type Fire Extinguishing Composition for Obligation installed Fire Extinguisher, Fire Truck, Forest fire, cars and others, 3)Automatic Fire extinguishing Devices (now developing).

3. We are trying to expand our businesses through our business partners here and abroad.


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Company Profile

Name Firescue Co., Ltd.
Address ANS Building 1F, 4-5-6 Kuramae, Taito-Ku, Tokyo Japan
Telephone +81-3-5823-4710
Establishment 2015
Capital JPY 31,600,000
Employee 4
Branch Office
Category GreenTech


Kuniaki Atarashi


Waseda University

Former worked for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, NNI.

Daiki Iida


Setsunan University

Former worked for Goodwill Group, Seino Transportation.

Shigeo Iino


Tokyo University Aoyama Gakuin (MBA)

Former worked for Toyota Tsusho, Mizuho Sec, Nomura Sec, NVCC, Invoice.

Share holders

Name Share Relation
Kuniaki Atarashi 29.7 % Board Member
Daiki Iida 29.7 % Board Member
Shigeo Iino 17.8 % Board Member
Others 22.8 %

Business Perormance

Fiscal Year Revenue Operating Profit Net Profit
December, 2016 JPY 2,500,000 JPY -17,000,000 JPY -17,000,000
December, 2017 JPY 27,000,000 JPY -3,600,000 JPY -3,600,000


Date Round Amount Investors
February, 2015 Founder JPY 3,000,000 4 Founders
April, 2015 Angel JPY 5,000,000 2 Angels
December, 2016 Angel JPY 29,400,000
August, 2018 Angel JPY 22,900,000 175 Angels