Wearable automatic translation system.


flowerpost Co., Ltd proceeds with advanced projects to solve the client’s problem based on “Co-creation”.
This project begins with “Improvement in manufacturing industry” together with Takayamakasei corporation.
Takayamakasei corporation is expanding the eco-friendly recycle business and accepts many foreign workers in its factory.
Their presences are very invaluable under the serious lack of manpower in manufacturing industry.
However, there is the challenge that communication is inadequate at worksites.
For example, the communication in technical terms is very difficult, so indications by demonstration are required in many cases.
Also, the defective education system because of lack of trainers sometimes cause the accidents such as operational errors or injuries
What we’d like to propose as the solution is the wearable automatic translation system “BABEL”
Employees can use it in accordance with their mother languages to improve their interpersonal relationships because of a language barrier.
Also, we promote the standardized work and the spontaneous knowledge acquisition with OJT system by visual learning.
Today amid the globalization in the labor market, a smooth communication is very important.
Encouraging employees to understand the meaning and procedures of work by the translation function and new OJT system can lead to the enhancement of productivity and ensuring safety.
The new system “BABEL” that begins with “Co-creation” contributes to solve the miscommunication at work sites.


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Company Profile

Name flowerpost Co., Ltd
Address 8F, Eito Bldg. 2-5-1, Minamihorie Nisi-ku, Osaka Japan
Telephone +81-06-7708-5525
URL https://flowerpost.shop
Establishment 2017
Employee 11
Branch Office Tokyo,Osaka
Category IoT


Kazuki Sakabayashi


Nara Institute of Science and Technology(NAIST) master's degree Okayama university Factory of engineering Department of Biofunctional Engineering Osaka Prefectural College of technology

Naoaki Oyama


National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Nikki Sean Ishikawa

Sound director

HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design (March, 2014) Technical Associate, Major: Music

Zijiun Zhao


Vehicle Engineering in China

After studying Vehicle Engineering in China, Zijun came to Japan to study business at Ritsumeikan University and industrial design at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Following the internship at Hitachi, Yamaha, and Samsung, he joined the IT venture, but resigned after the company went public. He subsequently co-found flowerpost Co.,Ltd with 4 friends, and mainly responsible for the design strategy as CDO. These experiences led to a holistic understanding of the symbiotic relationship between design & technology & business, and he was involved in a wide range of projects ranging from UI/UX and service design, to motion graphics and industrial design. His awards include Good Design Award, CSS Design Award. Zijun also have another position at Takram Co.,Ltd 

Yuichi Taniguchi


Waseda University Graduate School of Accounting

Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant

Keigo Kimura

Managing director

Nippon Sport Science University

Kumi Tamura

Art Director

Osaka Sogo College of Design,interior design

Rumi Sakabayashi


Yoko Sasaki

Labor and Social Security Attorney

Ryotaro Uneoka

Legal Adviser

Doshisya Law School

Miori Ikkai

Factory Media Creator

Osaka University of Economics,School of Health and Sports Science