Just 1 second battery diagnosis


We are a company that provides safety and security of the battery in the world and contributes to the development of the world. There are 3 products.

1, Battery Analyzer
2, BMS (Battery Management System)
3, Battery Charger

These products is able to make the world develop.
The reason is our Charging and Analyzing technologies.

Point 1: Many patents
Point 2: The world first a technology
Point 3: Specialist of battery

Conventionally, the battery diagnosis needs several hours to several tens of hours.By using our technology, diagnosis are able to done in just 1 second.
We are able to realize that prevent battery deterioration, diagnosis battery quickly and charging battery speedy.
We would like to make the de facto standard of lithium ion battery.


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Company Profile

Name Goiku Battery Co., Ltd.
Address Nishinakajima 5-13-12, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan, 532-0011
URL http://goiku.com/
Establishment 2014
Capital JPY 30,000,000
Employee 12
Branch Office Japan(Tokyo)
Category ICT


Akira Tabata


Nakatsu Industrial High School, Oita, Japan

1992 | Established AOL corporation Co., Ltd. for manufacturing and selling our original supriment
1994 | Established LAVERIO Co., Ltd. for manufacturing and selling cosmetics
2014 | Started Goiku Battery Co,. Ltd.

Eiji Tabata


Kwansei Gakuin University physics department physics major

2009 | Graduated form Kwansei Gakuin University physics department physics major
2012 | Studying abroad in NY for language
2013 | AOL corporation Co., Ltd.
2018 | Goiku Battery Co., Ltd.

Hiromi Takaoka


Kyoto University the faculty of electrical engineering

1967 | Graduated from Kyoto University the faculty of electrical engineering
1967 | Fujitsu Ltd. From 1967 to 1980. He was researching and developing microwave vacuum tubes such as Klystron and Magnetron and atomic spectra equipment such as nuclear magnetic resonance applied for atomic watch.
1980 | Sharp corporation from 1980 to 2000. Studied and developed inverter air-conditioners and then became general manager of air-conditioner group. After then, he was in solar panel and solar-system group as group general manager.
2001 | Started Techno core International Co.,Ltd.
2012 | Goiku Battery Co., Ltd.


Date Round Amount Investors
October, 2014 Angel