autonomous infrastructure for drones


We are developing “drone pole” an autonomous infrastructure for drones to fly safely, accurately and a very long time.
In detail, keeping a safe height, the drone docks and locked to the drone pole, then it travels along the pole. After landing, it changes its battery to new one with our developed machine, and takes off autonomously.
Now, there are two main problems to utilize drones in our lives, “danger” and “shortness of flight time”.

Some products can solve only one of them. However, our breakthrough technology can solve both of them. By using this pole, drone can land and take off in the very accurate point and fly forever without wavering.

We are applying a patent for this world’s first technology.
Recently, EASA, which consists of 28 EU countries and EFTA, makes an effort to create standards for drones. To make the common regulation over EU countries, EU said focusing on safety. Moreover, in Europe, there are not only a lot of mountains, but also renewable energy facilities and traditional buildings. Therefore, the demands for logistics and inspection are large. For these reasons, Europe is the best area for us to be a drone de fact standard.


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Company Profile

Name IYD Co., Ltd.
Address 15-20, Nigawatsukimigaoka, Takarazuka City, Hyogo 665-0067
Establishment 2018
Capital JPY 500,000
Branch Office
Category Drone


Taisei Nishishita


・2016 Japan Innovation Challenge 2016 (rescue drone competiton) representataive of the team
・2016 JST START engineer of technology seed incubate project in IoT branch (Drone Pole)

・Osaka University, B.S. in Engineering , 2017
・M.S. in Engineering expected in March 2020.Osaka University

Hiroya Masuoka


・2016 JST START representative of technology seed incubate project in IoT branch (Drone Pole)
・The 18th Osaka Univ. President award (Drone Pole)

・Osaka University B.S. in Engineering Science, 2017
・M.S. in Science expected in Tokyo University, 2020

Nana Matsui


B.S. in Engineering expected in Osaka University, 2019

・2016 Japan Innovation Challenge 2016 (rescue drone competiton) member of the team