Motor module “Keigan Motor”


Era of robots and AI. Keigan Motor is Motor module. Advantage as a motor is High- torgue(over 0.3N m), preciseness, smoothness, quietness, and low power consumption. we provide assign function wirelessly and contribute to the society by providing platform that makes it surprisingly easy and quick for everyone to develop a robot.


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Company Profile

Name Keigan Inc.,
Address KEIHANNA PLAZA Labo building 5F,1,7,Hikaridai,Seika-cho Soraku-gun,Kyoto
Establishment 2016
Capital JPY 9,900,000
Employee 4
Branch Office
Category IoTRobotics


Takashi Tokuda

President & Co-Founder

Special creative innovator adopted by Japanese gov.
Hardware and Software Design.
M. Eng.

Naoaki Kurimoto

Director & Co-Founder

Director & Co-Founder
Mechanical Design.
Quality management.

Hiroshi Harada

Software Engineer

Software Development over 10 years.
Expert in both of front-end and network.