Multilingual Communication Platform: Kotozna Chat


Since its founding in 2016, Kotozna, Inc. has played a significant role in boosting inbound tourism in Japan by creating technologies that aimed to eliminate language barriers between locals and tourists.
Our newest product, Kotozna In-room, changes the way hotels work. It is an app designed for hotels to gather service requests from guests where language barriers between staff and guests are eliminated as both can chat in their own language. Messages are automatically translated. Staff will have more productive hours and get to know their customers better, service will be faster, hotels will amass higher savings and most of all ~ customers will enjoy a different guest experience.


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Company Profile

Name Kotozna, Inc.
Address KIZUNA WEST 1F, 1-7-20 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051, Japan
Establishment 2016
Capital JPY 650,000,000
Employee 20
Branch Office Tokyo, Fukuoka, Zhuhai
Category AIBigDataICTWebService


Genri Goto


Master in Public Management at LKY School

Goto is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of leadership and management experience at, the largest online drugstore in Japan. He founded in 1994, led its IPO in 2004, and sold it to Rakuten in 2014. The annual sales of the business last year exceeded 100B SGD. Goto studied Masters in Public Management at LKY School in 2015-2016. He has a strong experience in leading startups, including creating business models, marketing and employing technologies coupled with his strong connection with distribution channels, domestic and global business leaders and government leaders.

Takaaki Kamio


International Christian University the faculty of science

Kamio is a full-stack engineer and entrepreneur known for releasing the photo-sharing SNS app "Snapeee" which had more than 14 million users. He is the IT expert in our team. Particularly, his speciality is building scalable cloud system. He had the experience to manage an enterprise backend system at a global company. For more than 3 years, he was engaged in developing an ERP software. Moreover, he has had the experience of growing mobile web applications at an international level. His IT skills and methods to cultivate mobile web applications make him a valuable asset for our team.

Eileen Kae Relao

VP of Global Marketing

Master in Public Policy at LKY School

Kae is our VP of Global Marketing and the communication expert in our team. She used to teach communication courses at the University of the Philippines for 3 years. She also studied Master in Public Policy at LKY School in 2015-2017. As a promising young leader, she was awarded the Dean’s Leadership Award by LKY School in 2017. Kae holds key leadership positions for three companies she is currently part of, one of which is her own. Her communication, marketing, planning and execution skills make her a valuable member of our team.