Save all mothers and her babies lives around the world

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Fetal monitor named Petit CTG connected to the network “Melody i” and the communication platform of pregnant woman and doctor which save all mothers and her babies lives around the world.

That system can send the data of fetal heart rate and mother’s contractions to the remort doctors through the internet.
If mothers and babies have abnormalities, they can be referred to a higher-level hospital with sufficient facilities immediately. In an emergency, it is also very smooth to introduce them to the higher-level hospital. This solution can prevent the stillbirth and reduce of baby’s problems due to oxygen shortage.
We conducted a remote medical care project for pregnant women in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This project is one success case. We are installing Petit Mobile CTG at 25 public hospitals throughout Chiang Mai. “Melody i” send the data on pregnant women and fetuses measured by Petit Mobile CTG from each hospital to the obstetrician in the core hospital. In 2016, this project allowed us to decide to emergency transfer 50 people from 1,500 pregnant women and helped them. the high risk pregnant women were able to receive advanced medical care at Chiang Mai University and the tertiary hospital in the area.


Yhuko Ogata


The second foundation in her life. The first time she succeeded in commercialization of the first electronic medical record for obstetrician and gynecologist in Japan, who is a winner of Japan Venture Awards 2009. Taking advantage of the experiences from the Genesis of the Internet and medical ICT, Melody International aim to construct and develop a perinatal e-Health platform for saving all pregnant women and her babies lives.

Master of Physics

Cage Ninomiya


He graduated from Department of Philosophy at Hosei University, and he is active at the front line of sales at a printing company of family business. After a while
that company went bankrupt. He knew the importance of management ,so he acquired a MBA at Kagawa University in 2017. Based on the experience of Quality Control Officer for the ISO 9001, he is responsible for quality control of medical equipment at their company.


Tomomi Takagi


In 1986, after graduating from Waseda University, he joined Jafco. In 1996, he got an MBA from London Business School. After joining Ibis Capital Partners, he became Associate Professor of MBA at Kagawa University graduate school in 2012.




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