Interactive wood panel


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mui Lab, Inc., a Kyoto-based IoT startup,creates “mui” an interactive wood panel that connects to the internet and smart home devices. This patented interface technology can be applied to many common objects, such as furniture, car consoles or kitchen appliance, to turn them into interactive control panels. mui is the first in a series of screenless, non-intrusive human interface devices (HID) that mui Lab is developing to reduce the use of black screens in our living environments and to make our digital experiences more natural and peaceful. Awarded for CES2019 Innovation Award, Best of Kickstarter 2019


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Company Profile

Name mui Lab, Inc.
Address 3 Mibuhanai-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-City, Kyoto, 604-8551
Telephone +81-75-757-6754
Establishment 2017
Capital JPY 20,000,000
Employee 6
Branch Office


Kaz Oki


Sophia Univ

Multi-diciplined business development & New Product Producer backgroud for global market. EX-NISSHA USA

Nobuyasu Hirobe

Creative Director


Global experienced material design & UIUX design. EX-NISSHA

Takuya Kubota

Software Architect

Shinshu Univ

Software Application and Server Side engineer. EX-Epson


Date Round Amount Investors
October, 2017 Angel