Smart IoT battery “MaBeee”


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Our product is a smart IoT battery of MaBee. Create a world filled with IoT. Our company has been granted an only one patent for battery communication in the global. There are charging through wireless connection everywhere. Our functions are Battery Control, Battery Monitoring, Battery Sensing. Now our company product is battery case. We are planning to change built-in battery communication module inside. Then, we will adapt the wireless charging technology. Our battery can easy to make IoT device, and most of the problems are accumulated of battery life span. But we can solve this problem. Like these technology easy to make IoT device & Wireless charging. Now, Our current capital is 2 M dollars. In this spring we are looking for investors that would help us generate 5Million dollars. Validation is 20Million dollars. And wireless charging technology have to gain a money of 30 Million dollars. It’ll be 200 Million dollars validation after five years. If we succeed in financing, destructive innovation of IoT will happen. We are planning to expand our business in EU in the near future. So, if we find an opportunity of global trading company or big company or funding, We will go EU market.


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Company Profile

Name Novars Inc.
Address 1-21, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone +81 3-4405-8866
Establishment 2015
Employee 11
Branch Office
Category IoT


Toru Yamanaka



Akihiro Okabe



Kazuhiro Koyama



Share holders

Name Share Relation
Akihiro Okabe 50 %
Nissei capital 25.4 %
Others 23.6 %

Business Perormance

Fiscal Year Revenue Operating Profit Net Profit
March, 2016 USD 400,000 USD -30,000
March, 2017 USD 300,000
April, 2018 USD 400,000


Date Round Amount Investors
April, 2016 Crowd funding USD 70,000 Makuake
September, 2016 SeriesA USD 1,100,000 Nissei capital, Mizuho financial
September, 2017 SeriesB USD 900,000 Nissei capital, Mizuho financial