Communication robot “NEMOPH”


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Palsbots is an IT company specializing in robotic communication technology.

We concentrate on creating exciting and imaginative future with robots.

Our works mainly focus on the production of communication engines for robots and make the technology become common among regular households.
We also intend to enrich not only human relationships and spirit, but also communication between robots themselves.
Palsbots participates in extensive business from solution provider to in-house developments. Regarding solution provider works, we have cooperated with market leaders in Japan such as SoftBank and NTT.

We are one of the main communication software developer of Pepper, a humanoid robot with the ability to read emotions. For in-house developments, we have been mainly working on 2 products recently: NEMOPH and IFRO. NEMOPH is a robotic sleeping buddy which helps people fall asleep smoothly and relaxingly while IFRO is a communication-developing platform that users can easily create communication for chatbots, smart speakers and robots, etc.

We strive to make IFRO a “”WordPress”” for VUI eras. Palsbots has top-class experiences and successful track records in terms of volume as well as quality. We have the expertise on the technology and development know-how of the communication engine.

Now we are aiming at global expansion with our excellent products and service.


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Company Profile

Name Palsbots Inc.
Address 2-8-10 Komaba Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Telephone +81-3-6407-8852
Establishment 2019
Capital JPY 121,000,000
Employee 5
Branch Office Japan (Tokyo)
Category ICT


Naoki Mima


Keio University B.A. in Environment and Information Studies

2006-2007 Rightning Inc. Web Producer
2007-2010 Rightning Inc. Director/Producer
2010-2015 HYGE Interface Inc. CEO
2012-2014 Rightning Consulting, Inc. CEO
2015-present HYGE Interface Inc. CXO
2015-present Palsbots Inc. CEO

Hiroki Kenmotsu


Chuo University

2008-present LOHI Inc. CEO
2011-2013 ORATTA, Inc. CEO
2015-present Palsbots Inc. COO

Kenji Hasu


"Keio University B.A. in Policy Management"

2010-2016 HYGE Interface Inc. CTO
2015-present Palsbots Inc. CTO

Share holders

Name Share Relation
Naoki Mima 41.1 % CEO
Hiroki Kenmotsu 27.4 % COO
Kenji Hasu 12.1 % CTO
Digital Information Technologies Corporation 6.5 % Investor
NSD CO., LTD 6.5 % Investor
Members Co.,Ltd. 3.2 % Investor
HYGE Interface Inc. 1.6 % Investor
VOYAGE VENTURES, Inc. 1.6 % Investor

Business Perormance

Fiscal Year Revenue Operating Profit Net Profit
June, 2019 JPY 90,671,400 JPY 6,771,503 JPY 4,970,476
June, 2018 JPY 111,809,062 JPY 3,130,149 JPY 1,493,097


Date Round Amount Investors
September, 2018 Seed JPY 121,000,000 ・Digital Information Technologies Corporation,
・Members Co.,Ltd.
・HYGE Interface Inc.