Make 11 hectares wireless field in 60 minutes


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PicoCELA has developed world-best wireless multi-hop technology which can easily extend for 10 or more hops achieving stable broadband transmission with low latency.

The technology is called PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE). We license PBE as well as to implement it onto edge computers with enterprise grade Wi-Fi and sell them with cloud base management system, PicoManager, which works as a core to gather and analyze big data from the users and IoT devices connected.
More than 3,500 PicoCELA products have been installed in Japan at 100 sites.
The installation cost saving is enormous as cabling can be reduced by 85% and associated hardware and labors are also minimized.
The latest product PCWL-0400 is an edge computer with wireless multi-hop function and enterprise grade Access Points. Target markets are factories, construction sites, huge shopping malls and event venue where cabling is either impossible or prohibitively costly.
Our technology is also best suited to connect 5G base stations to minimize fiber cost.
The technology is protected by more than 30 registered patents worldwide.
We are actively promoting licensing and product sales to the US and EU as the edge computer market which we estimate to be $80 B in 2021 is largely outside of Japan.


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Company Profile

Name PicoCELA Inc.
Address 4F SANOS Nihonbashi, Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 100-0013 Japan
Establishment 2008
Capital JPY 386,599,900
Employee 22
Branch Office
Category ICTIoT


Hiroshi Furukawa


Dr. of Engineering, Kyushu Univ.

Ex-NEC Central Research Lab. 3GPP member from Japan. Former professor at Kyushu University specialized in radio interference and wireless communications.

Jun Nakai


Ph.D on Electrical Eng. from MIT

Toshiro Kawamura

Board member

BS Engineering, Keio Univ.

Visiting Professor of Gifu Keizai Univ.
Ex-CEO of IT solution business, NEC Corporation

Share holders

Name Share Relation
Hiroshi Furukawa 29 % CEO & founder
Kluk Jan 19 % ex-co-CEO
Innovation Engine 9.6 % VC, lead investor
Kaga Electric 7.5 % Corporate partner & distributor


Date Round Amount Investors
August, 2008 Angel JPY 10,000,000 Hiroshi Furukawa
September, 2017 Series A JPY 33,000,000 Innovation Engine, Kaga, Yaskawa, Mizuho, Nissay
September, 2018 Series B JPY 44,000,000 Jikei Gakuen, Innovation Engine, JR East, Yaskawa