co-working arm-type robot for small workshops


Our products are collaborative robots for small workshops that are suffering from shortage of hands/workers. The robots do not need pre-teaching to use and are able to use intuitively like commanding to human assistants. Our first customer will be automotive repair shops. These very customers (owners of the shops) are mainly self-employed, sometimes relatively older, weaker, and are usually not familiar with industrial robots. Pre-teaching the robot (like in large scale production lines) does not work because automobiles come to repair shops are all different make/model and the jobs needed are also different. Our robots off-load back-breaking heavy jobs and keep users concentrated on the very jobs that human beings should do. The older people are treasury of knowledge though they are weak.

In foreseeable near future where robotic process automation prevails, humans should do what human beings can only do. That will be thinking and idea demonstration. Our human bodies are made to be that we shape ideas through actually moving our hands. Action and thinking are inseparable. Though our society progress, there must be needs for physically assistance robots which aid our physical action as well as thinking. It will become a part of modernized cottage handicraft industry in near future. Our products enhance thinking by promoting division of thinking and physical labor within each individual. Our products are different from the conventional production robots. We will change our future.


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Company Profile

Name Sanninriki
Address 2-11-10-B205 Daian-ji, Nara, Nara 630-8133, Japan
Capital JPY 6,000,000
Branch Office
Category Robotics


Kazuhito Yasuike

Ph.D. Osaka University, Experimental physics)

Senior partner, Yamato Engineering L.L.C., Experimental scientist (SNL, LLNL, JAERI).