Autonomous drone solutions for indoor environments


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Spiral provide autonomous drone solutions for indoor environments, most notably during non-GPS situations. We use QR codes to simplify the drone mapping and flight plan system. The operator places QR codes on the walls and ceiling to construct the drone’s flight plan by position and time. This results in a trail of QR codes that is easy to create or modify while being visible to the human eye.

Right now we have potential customers which is real estate company owning large mall in Dubai and top leading construction company in Japan. And we are working towards the PoC with them.
Also, we develop the prototype with two partnership companies. First one is top leading system integration company in Japan. The other one is FLARE Dynamics which is hardware company having strength in making the small size drone.

Spiral’s solution to autonomous drone flight provides a user-friendly experience for drone operators around the world while cutting costs by up to 60% compared to traditional SLAM solutions. We are the ONLY company denying current autonomous flight system for indoor drone.
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Company Profile

Name Spiral Inc.
Address DMM.make AKIBA, Akihabara Bld.12F, Fujisoft, 3, Kandaneribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0022, Japan
Telephone +81-90-4284-6634
Establishment 2019
Employee 2
Branch Office
Category Drone


Tomo Ishikawa


a Masters Degree in Engineering, University of Hyogo.

Participated in the establishment of a flying robot venture as the development-director, program- manager for drones, ultra-small satellites, and small rockets.
Worked as a supporter and program manager for various small- and medium-sized venture companies looking to use industrial robots in the workplace.
Established Spiral Inc. as CEO in Oct.2016 with the goal of contributing to the world wide labor crunch by using automated devices such as robots, drones, and satellites.



Graduated University of California Berkeley

Yusuke Matsusita


the University of Tsukuba with Master Degree in Applied sciences

The representative of the company called Shiawase Monokobo.
After retiring from RICOH Co., Ltd, he became CTO of Spiral.
At RICOH, he experienced launching the new business model and conducting the project from the research and development of indoor positioning technology to commercialization of products.
Moreover, he has a unique experience of developing the positioning system utilized in subway infrastructure.
In Shiawase Monokobo, in particular, he has desined the ultra-compact drones’ hardware, board and software development.
By utilizing his technical background of autonomous mobile robot, he participated in the Tsukuba Challenge 2018 for the first time and was able to complete the race.


Date Round Amount Investors
July, 2018 Angel JPY 13,000,000