The 3-dimensional phased array antenna


We are developing the new phased array antenna, which has a 3-dimensional structure with many pole antennas, while the conventional phased array antenna is flat and 2-dimenstional in the narrow beam scanning. The 3-dimensional phased array antenna can electrically scan the beams toward the whole 360°directions at very high speed without moving drivers. Our phased array antenna has many useful applications, for example, the satellite communications as the antennas onboard satellites and on the ground, radar antenna with instant observation, and so on. We also have the Digital Beam Forming technology for the simultaneous communications with many satellites and the Retrodirective antenna system to control automatically the beams to maintain the links.


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Company Profile

Name WaveArrays, Inc.
Address 5-44-9 Mukonoso, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Establishment 2016
Capital JPY 40,000,000
Employee 1
Branch Office
Category ICT


Nobuyuki Kaya


Dr. Engineering, Kyoto University

Professor emeritus, Kobe University


Date Round Amount Investors
Founder Nobuyuki Kaya
Seed A George Dietrich
Keihanna ATR Fund