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Renting a storage unit is expensive both in the US and in Europe, and many people are looking for a cheaper alternative. IBISWorld, a market research company, estimates that the revenue in the U.S. self-storage industry will climb past $30 billion in 2018, and the Europe is following the same path. In the meantime, number of houses have an idle space that is not being used. We provide a platform where people looking for a storage space can save money by storing with their neighbors who have extra space, while also allowing these people with space to earn money with the the idling space they rent out.

Unlike other storage-related services, our service is catered specifically to the needs of the renters. On top of the expensive rent at traditional storage companies, renters end up paying more than they need to because of the inflexibility of the service offered: rental size and duration. Our service allows users to rent the exact space desired calculated on the square footage for however long they need. We offer flexibility for the size of space and the duration of the rent, on top of our low base rent.


Yoshi Tsuji


He has previous work and leadership experience in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

B.S. in Businesss at Kelley School of Business

Gary Liao


He has been practicing law since 2010, protecting Win-Kel from potential liabilities.

LL.M. in Law at Cornell University

Harish Gonnabattula

iOS Developer

Harish Gonnabattula
iOS Developer

He has worked for IBM as an iOS Developer for 3 years.

M.S. in Computer Science at Universtiy of California, Riverside

Monica Wu

She has experience in working as a web developer with four different companies.

She has experience in working as a web developer with four different companies.

B.A. in Design at California State University, Los Angeles



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